The following is not a recommendation, nor a post – it is a possible solution which may help a group of seniors in a certain situation, so we decided to share it even though we have not used and are not familiar with this product, Our intention is only to share the fact that this product exists out there.

It seems that Tek RMD is sold only by a number of marketers depending on the production site (manufacturer link), so we add the link to where you can buy it.

Please find below the information summerized from the Sites that sell the product.


Tek RMD – A new and unique development for transitions from sitting to standing and moving in space.

Easy to move with Tek RMD, It is easy to maneuver in crowded places due to its small size.

The new TEK RMD from Matia Robotics allows paraplegics to go from sitting, to standing, to mobile in seconds, making your home more accessible and your world within reach. The TEK RMD is a motorized standing movement device that offers the ability for those who are in a manual wheelchair to complete everyday activities from a standing position … at eye level. Unlike other standers, users can board and control the TEK RMD unassisted.

Top Features include:

  • Boarding from the Back (Safe Mounting and Dismounting)
  • Assisted Lifting: A gas spring mechanism balances the weight of the user, so only a gentle pull is required to stand.
  • Remote Control Included: Allows user to send the TEK RMD away, then bring it back when needed for use. It also can be used to free both hands while in use.
  • Small Footprint: At ~16.5″ wide and 29.5″ long, the user can navigate tight spaces in the home or office. Reduced the need for many home renovations.
  • True Vertical Position: There are many health and wellness advantages to standing. This upright and hands free position combined w/ motorized mobility and small size allows the user to perform their daily living tasks standing up.

Much has been said about the advantages of standing up:

  • Prevention of pressure ulcers, blood flow, pulmonary function, prevention of bowel obstruction, bone density, etc.
  • And what about mood and independence for movement? This is a huge advantage, so why sit around all the time?
  • With a durable we will just stand up and with Tek RMD we will also move around.

Remote Control

It can be driven back and forth to all sides when it is not needed by remote control.
And of course bring it back to use.

Tek RMD is for:

  • Paraphragm or medical referral.
  • Capable of grasping and lifting.
  • Controller capability.
  • At 1.40-1.90 meters high.
  • Weighing 40-120 kg.

The Tek RMD is not for everyone! Below is a list of limitations that can not be used:

  1. Height differences in legs is greater than 5 cm.
  2. Lack of stability in the upper body (the patient must stabilize himself standing without the aid of the hands).
  3. Inability to control hands and inability to control cattle.
  4. With musculature, muscle flexion in the lower extremities.
  5. Inability to stand upright.
  6. Severe osteoporosis in the lower limbs or spine or history of fractures.
  7. Unstable fractures of the lower limbs or spine.
  8. Open wounds or severe spastic pressure on the back, thighs or lower extremities, uncontrolled autonomic dysreflexia, blood pressure or dizziness in standing upright, history of epilepsy.
  9. Cognitive impairments that impair the safe use of motorbike.
  10. Severe visual impairment that prevents the safe use of motorbike.

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