rotobed – Home care bed rotating to ease the entry and exit

The following is not a recommendation, nor a post – it is a possible solution which may help a group of seniors in a certain situation, so we decided to share it even though we have not used and are not familiar with this product, Our intention is only to share the fact that this product exists out there.

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Please find below the information summerized from the Sites that sell the product.

  • With a RotoBed®Care, people who have difficulty getting in and out of the bed, can be rotated to a natural entry and exit.
  • After elevating the bed to chair position with the remote control, a helper or a relative slightly push a handle by foot. The bed can now be rotated perpendicular towards the room.
  • This facilitates both exit and if necessary transition to a wheelchair or stand-aid.
  • Getting in and out is possible in both sides of the bed.
  • Besides the rotating function also height, back part and leg part are adjusted with remote control.
  • Simple and comprehensive remote control.
  • Several welfare technology surveys have shown that a RotoBed®Care enhances the user’s level of mobility and quality of life, reduces workloads for staff and saves time / money.


Height range: 32-82 cm

Mattress size: 85 x 205 cm

Wood: Oak laminate

Userweight: max 190 kg

Rated load: 225 kg

Weight indication

Head board: 39 kg

Foot board: 46 kg

Top frame: 58 kg

Bottom frame: 22 kg

Total weight: 165 kg

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