Powerstroll S Drive – Assist care giver

Powerstroll S Drive - Assist care giver

One of the issue any care giver encounter while pushing a wheelchair in a daily basis, is the difficulty when having to push it up a hill or even a slight climb, you are forced to invest a great effort that often causes pain to the care giver, and might cause sickdays in the near future.

Best solution for this cases, although it's an expensive solution, is to add the wheelchair an exteranl motor which will assist in pushing the wheelchair by the caregiver by simply using a remotecontrol when needed.

In my dad case, our dear caregiver was suffering from bad back pain due to the effort of pushing the wheelchairs up the hill next to my parents home - So after checking for a solution and consulting others caregivers, we bought the Powerstroll S Drive.

Once it's arrived, we've noticed the manual wasn't clear enough for the installation and after looking for assistance online including youtube - we didn't found a good enough assistance.

So after finaly succeding to install it, and using it for over 6 month - I'm happy to say this is an excelent solution, and it solve the back pain issues my dad care giver was suffering from.

Please find below the video we've created for assist others in the installation.

below are the store online I've found on ebay and Amazon:

Ebay UK:  Link

Ebay Australia: Link

Amazon US store:



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