A perception of a changing reality for an aging person

As soon as our bodies begin to betray us, as we get older, we have to start adapting to changes that are not easy to adapt to. Within us we always feel young – but for some reason our body goes the other way.

Although we speak in first person, these were in fact our dear parents words ‘hile they are still going through this crisis. For us, the children, we took our time in understanding the process that older person undergoes during aging.

To accept the fact that even though we feel young, we need to adapt our lives to changes in bodily functioning. to change our home, which for years we invested and arranged until it became what we wanted, and now the children are trying to convince us to renovate and turn it into a nursing home? How will we host friends and family? We are also expected to walk with a walking stick in the best case, or even go into a wheelchair.

As we get older, it is difficult for us to accept the situation, but the necessity of allowing our acquaintances to see us when we are weak and in need of help will only hurt our ego and our position in the society in which we value those who contribute and lead.

We expect to admit that strong and leading people become weak people who without assistance can not perform everyday activities. For most of us, this will have a strong impact on self-confidence and the onset of depression.

Once we begin to understand what our parents are going through, how do we deal with the situation and strengthen them? From my personal experience with my family, first of all being sensitive knows that there is no miraculous answer, but a lot of love, patience and listening.

Share the parent with the plans and difficulties, so they feel that their ideas are not being deleted, and they still refer to them at the time of the design.

Despite the desire to make all the changes at once, giving preference to changes together with the parent and with a qualified medical person, and their gradual income is preferable and will pass less objections than parent and will help to examine what is required and what is not because most of the adjustment of the house will not be cheap and easy to disperse.


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