Powerstroll S Drive – Assist care giver

One of the issue any care giver encounter while pushing a wheelchair in a daily basis, is the difficulty when having to push it up a hill or even a slight climb, you are forced to invest a great effort that often causes pain to the care giver, and might

most inspiring people

Top 10 most inspiring people and more – Each of them is over the age of 77 and exercises every day

The importance of daily exercise As we get older, it is very important to prevent diseases, physical limitations and, of course, depression. Although in previous posts we talked about the

senior citizen vacation

senior citizen vacations – adjust vacation to traveler

One of the greatest ways to relax and reduce stress is to go on vacation. It is more complicated when we discuss senior citizen vacations , so once of the best solution is

Depression of the elderly

Depression of the elderly – the main cause is loneliness, so let’s talk about it

If each of us tries to put ourselves in the place of our parents, in everyday reality, it will be easy to understand the depression of the elderly. One of


Stroke – what to do?

My worst nightmare – Stroke (Source of information : University of Rochester Medical Center Rochester ) First thing we must know is that stroke can happen to anyone at any time in any

Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

Warning signs which should trigger a call to emergency service source from American heart association In case you’re home care elderly, Please don’t wait to get help if you experience any of these heart attack warning signs. Although some heart attacks are sudden and intense, most start slowly, with mild


Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disease that affects the nervous system of the brain. The disease interferes with the production of matter that transmits signals to the brain’s nervous system

recommended daily parkinsons assistance equipment

Parkinson’s disease The disease does not affect all patients in the same way. In some patients the disease progresses quickly and others do not. Although some patients become severely disabled,

Exercise equipment

Vaunn Medical Pedal Exerciser Chrome Frame (Fully Assembled Exercise Peddler, No Tools Required) PHYSICAL THERAPY – Provide gentle low impact exercise for muscle toning during physiotherapy. Exercise peddler helps improve

Suggested Stimulating Activities for Alzheimer’s and dementia

Summertime Dementia Activity Pack: Specialist Care Home Activities and Resources by Active Minds  Active Minds Complete Activity Kit: Specialist Care Home Activities and Resources Winter Dementia Activity Pack: Specialist Care

Reccomended Walking aids

Why we need it? Falls are one of the most common health problems experienced by the elderly and are the most common cause of functional loss of independence.Given the frequency

Home care training videos

As soon as we bring our beloved home from the hospital or the rehabilitation center, we suddenly do not have the supportive environment of the medical staff, and now all